Altar Rosary Society

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Altar Rosary Society is to unite and bring together all women of the Parish, promote monthly union among its members and follow through on any issues or undertakings approved by the Pastor.

Our Mission

The mission of the Altar Rosary Society is to promote the honor of God, enrich personal spiritual growth through devotion to the Blessed Mother, support the Pastor in matters of spiritual or material benefit to the parish and provide as much as possible, proper upkeep of the Sanctuary.

Altar Rosary Society meets – Second Sunday of each Month in the St. Cecilia Activity Hall, after Mass. To become a member or for more information, please contact – Constance Gray – President (313) 387-0197.


President – Constance Gray

Vice President – Brendall Johnson

Treasurer – Pat Herman

Secretary – Sandra Horn

Marshall – Jean Evans